5 Commercial Uses for Bollards

Fixed bollards can safeguard stadium areas from unwanted vehicular traffic At TrafficGuard, we’re proud to produce commercial bollards that can be utilized in a variety of industry applications, such as to protect government and school properties. Barrier posts are also frequently used to safeguard commercial sites. Here, we’ve provided an explanation of five of the most common applications for commercial applications so you can examine which bollards could be right for your site security.


Airport sites have many areas throughout that could benefit from bollards. These areas constantly have traffic coming and going, especially in parking lot areas. If vehicles are driving too fast around the area, a major accident could occur, which could ultimately compromise the airport’s safety. Security posts can help create the needed traffic regulation throughout to promote safety for drivers and pedestrians alike.


Stadiums are increasingly popular, both for the collegiate and professional levels. As more people attend games, the levels of traffic and congestion increase as well—which can cause accidents. Stadiums need some kind of long-lasting protection devices, and security posts are an ideal solution. Fixed security bollards can be installed around the perimeter of the stadium, as well as in parking lot areas, to create a flow of traffic and help keep everyone on the site protected.


One of the most common uses of barrier posts is for storefront security. After all, these are properties that contain highly valuable items. These areas can benefit from permanent bollard installation, which would help deter ram raiders from crashing into the building and help keep the site protected.


Similar to storefronts, shopping malls also need to have exceptional levels of site security. Shopping malls contain a variety of stores, including luxury brands that sell expensive items. Because malls house highly valuable stores, they are at great risk for ram raiding activity by thieves. Permanent security posts can help thwart intentional crashes into malls and shopping centers. Additionally, fixed bollard posts can be used to maintain traffic flow in malls’ parking lots. Removable or collapsible bollards can also be used to help protect malls for special events that require temporary site protection.


Warehouses are commercial sites that also need protection from accidental and intentional crashes. Although warehouses do not publicly display items, ram raiders could halt productions or cause other harm by driving into a building. Additionally, warehouses have areas throughout the building where forklifts and other heavy machinery are moving around, and, if an accident occurred, could compromise the facility. Bollards can help in both of these situations. Warehouse owners could install security bollards around the perimeter of the building and areas inside that have high levels of machinery traffic. For additional information on commercial applications for bollards, get in touch with the team at TrafficGuard. You may also visit our Facebook profile for the latest news about security posts.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
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