7 Uses for Security Bollards in Schools and Universities

Elementary, middle and high schools, as well as universities, have many high-traffic areas that require exceptional protection systems to ensure the safety of students, teachers and all that frequent the premises. Luckily, perimeter barrier posts can protect sites from any inattentive drivers and accidental crashes in and around property sites. Consult with 7 of the most common ways that schools and universities use bollards.


Playgrounds are often near places that invite high levels of traffic, such as parking lots. Schools must implement some kind of security system to ensure those children on the playground stay safe. Impact barrier bollards provide the ideal solution. When placed around the perimeter of playgrounds, these bollards can help prevent any kind of accidental crash or impact that could threaten the safety of patrons at the playground.


Stadiums are common fixtures at many universities, and they are often areas that invite high levels of traffic. Because so much pedestrian activity is present here, a perimeter protection system can help prevent any unwanted vehicular activity. Permanent bollards can are an excellent choice to create this needed barrier. For temporary site protection, removable or collapsible bollards could also be ideal.

Parking Lots

Parking lots are one of the most hectic areas in schools. Universities also have highly busy parking lots, especially for commuter-heavy schools. Bollards can be utilized for a variety of uses in parking lots. They can be used to help protect the perimeter of the property, high traffic spots like drop-off-areas or even as parking posts to maintain order.

Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrians are constantly walking through schools and universities. Without a protection system in place to separate them from vehicular activity, they could be vulnerable to crashes. Security bollards help provide the needed structure in school areas. For example, schools and universities can have bollards installed around sidewalks and other locations where pedestrians would most likely be to help keep them safe.

Sports Fields

While similar to stadiums, sports fields present their own safety challenges. Because most sports fields are directly on the ground, as opposed to stadiums, which are much larger and have protections around the vicinity, they are more exposed and susceptible to impacts. Bollards can be installed around the field, as well as any areas where spectators would be, to help keep everyone safe from accidental crashes.

Bike Lanes

Many schools, especially universities, have bike lanes for students to make their way to and from class or home. Without proper protection, though, drivers could accidentally or intentionally swerve into the bike lanes, causing severe injuries or other catastrophic results. Protection devices like security bollards installed along bike lanes can help reduce the likelihood of crashes and, as a result, help protect cyclists from traffic.

Drop-Off Areas

Drop-off areas are common designated sections for elementary, middle and high schools. However, parking lots can quickly become chaotic without some type of order in place, which could pose a threat to students’ safety. To help keep students protected as they exit vehicles in drop-off areas, schools can have high-strength bollard devices installed. Want to learn more about the uses for bollards in schools and universities, as well as other industry applications? Check out TrafficGuard’s Facebook page, or get in touch with a bollard specialist today.  TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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