How to Protect Your Site

Your entire property is valuable, but oftentimes, certain areas, like water meters and electric boxes need increased protections. You may even need to establish definite perimeter barriers around your site to prevent unauthorized traffic. With safety being so important to businesses, you want to take as many measures possible to protect your sites from any outside vehicular damage. By using security bollards, you can effectively thwart accidents and restrict access to your site as a whole.

Protecting Water Meters

Water is one of the most important necessities to your site. Because water meters are often in high-traffic areas, they are susceptible to crashes, especially if drivers are not paying attention or are in a large vehicle and cannot see the water meters as they are approaching them. To prevent your site’s water meters from damage, you can have embedded & surface mounted bollards installed on the surrounding area. If a vehicle does accidentally crash into your water meter, these bollards will protect the site, keeping it in tact. bollards provide on-site protection with perimeter barriers

Protecting Electric Boxes

Along with water, electricity is critical to normal business functionality. This makes electrical circuit boxes an invaluable component of many buildings and facilities.  If a vehicle crashes into electrical boxes, it may damage them beyond repair, compromising the electricity to your site. To protect your electrical circuit boxes, you can install permanent security bollards around the area. Because these barriers create a definable perimeter around the boxes, vehicles will be impeded if they accidentally or intentionally crash into the location. You can also choose bollards coated in a bold yellow finish to increase visibility and reduce the likelihood of a vehicular collision to your electrical circuit boxes.

Protecting Site Perimeters

You can install security bollards specifically around your utility structures, but you may also need full-site protection. By incorporating bollards as part of a site-wide safety approach, you can keep unwanted traffic out from your property. If you want long lasting protection for your site, permanent bollards may be your best option. Fixed anti-ram bollards can prevent harmful ram-raiding activity, as well. Removable bollards also offer the same level of security, but can be easily removed when necessary. While bollards are incredibly protective against outside traffic, they still allow foot traffic when needed.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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