5 Instances When Collapsible Bollards are Ideal

Collapsible bollards are ideal for temporary site security.At TrafficGuard, we commonly have clients ask us what type of bollard—permanent, removable or collapsible—is most suitable for their property type and application. While all three bollards provide the same level of leading vehicle impact resistance, collapsible bollards are often the clear choice for property protection for specific events. Here, we’ve outlined five of common instances when collapsible bollards could be most suitable for your site security needs.

Holiday Shopping

Many malls and shopping centers already have bollard posts in place to help safeguard their properties from unwanted vehicular activity. However, during the holiday months, the traffic at these properties drastically increases. To help keep the buildings safe, as well as everyone in the parking lot, safe, property owners can use collapsible bollards. These bollards can direct traffic and help prevent crashes. Once the busy shopping has ceased, shopping center owners can simply remove them from the property.


Concert arenas often have highly congested parking lot areas, especially when they are located in areas that are not easily accessible by public transportation and force concert-goers to drive. With so many cars coming and going from the parking lot, collisions could easily occur if site protection measures aren’t in place. Collapsible traffic bollards are the perfect solution for protecting the areas around concert venues. They’ll prevent any accidental crashes, yet they can be easily folded down when not in use.

Sporting Events

Sporting games, such as basketball, football or baseball, are also popular events. Again, though, these events can bring in large amounts of vehicular activity around the stadium area, as well as in the parking lot. Additionally, many people choose to tailgate at sporting events, adding even more congestion to the area. Reckless or distracted drivers could be a great liability to the safety of other drivers and pedestrians, so event planners will need to make sure they have protection posts in place. Collapsible bollards are suitable for adding another level of protection the areas in and around the stadium from unwanted traffic.

Street Festivals

Street festivals are common events during the summer months. Because they only happen during a limited timeframe, property owners may not want to install permanent security bollards. Collapsible bollards, however, are the perfect solution for safeguarding street festival property. They provide high levels of impact resistance to accidental and intentional crashes, yet they can be easily folded down or removed from the site when not in use.

Athletic Events

Similar to sport events, athletic events like 5Ks, marathons, triathlon and others invite high levels of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. As drivers are trying to find parking, people may be walking around the parking lot to get from one area to another—and this could be a serious recipe for disaster. To help keep traffic flowing without any accidental crashes or collisions, event planners can utilize collapsible bollards. Want to learn more about when collapsible bollards may most ideal for your site protection? Contact a specialist at TrafficGuard today. For more information about security posts, check out our Facebook pageTrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
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