How to Use Bollards in Residential Areas

Permanent bollards can protect residential areas from unwanted traffic Here at TrafficGuard, we most commonly see clients implement security posts to protect commercial areas, government buildings and more. However, we also have clients that utilize bollards to safeguard their residential properties. Wondering if using protection posts are ideal for your residential property? Read on to learn about what type of bollard could be most beneficial for your residential area, as well as some of the most common areas where you can utilize them.

What Type of Bollards Should You Use?

As homeowners consider what type of bollards they want to use to protect their property, they often choose permanent bollards. Permanent residential bollards are designed for long-term use and are often embedded directly into the ground for lasting protection. However, some may want the same level of safeguarding that permanent bollards provide but on a more temporary basis. These property owners more commonly use removable or collapsible bollards. Removable bollards can create a smooth, flush surface safe for driving over when not in use. Collapsible bollards can also create safe clearance for drivers when folded down.

Areas to Use Bollards in Residential Properties

Security posts can be used for a variety of areas around residential properties, including:
  • Perimeters of the Property—One of the most common uses of bollards on residential areas is to protect the perimeter of the property. These areas are highly susceptible to unwanted vehicular activity. If a driver loses control of his or her vehicle and enters a property, they could cause a great deal of damage and even harm unsuspecting people inside the home. Permanent residential bollards installed around the perimeter of the site can help restrict reckless driver from entering restricted areas around your property.
  • Driveway Areas—Driveways can surprisingly be a hotspot for accidents. People may be driving too fast as they enter the driveway, or they simply lose control of their vehicles. To help prevent damage to your home, you can install security bollards around your driveway areas.
  • Near the Garage—If you tend to back into your garage, you may already know how easily you could misjudge the distance to the garage and accidentally drive into the building. To help prevent this from happening, you can install permanent bollard models directly in front of the garage area. Additionally, you may want to install bollards around you garage to help prevent general accidental crashes.
  • Large Backyard Spaces—Although much less common than the aforementioned applications, some people choose to use collapsible bollards during times when they are hosting gatherings at their homes. For example, if you’re having guests over for a graduation party or other event and have a large enough property for guests to park, you may want some kind of security posts in place to create order and help prevent accidental crashes.
For more information on how you can use residential bollards, get in touch with a TrafficGuard representative today. To see additional benefits that bollards can provide, check out our Facebook and Twitter pages.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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