Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Bollard

Searching for the perfect bollard can be challenging. You may have an idea of what type of protection you need, or you may need assistance in choosing a security post that will best suit your needs. As you are browsing different styles of bollards, consult our list of considerations to ensure you are satisfied with your selection.

Is it made from strong materials?

Security bollards need to be strong, durable, noticeable and low maintenanceThe bollard you choose to buy should be able to withstand natural environmental elements. Bollards should have a primer coating and a long-lasting salt spray that make them resistant to rust and corrosion. The bollard may be coated in resistant sprays, but you will also want it to be constructed from the strongest materials on the market to withstand harsh impacts. The best security bollards, both fixed and removable, are comprised of stainless steel.

How noticeable is the bollard?

Property owners primarily use bollards to create a visual deterrence that prevents any unintentional or intentional crash activity near a building, site perimeter, road or other area. To create this noticeability for drivers, a bollard company should coat their posts in a bright finish, like bold yellow.  They should also add reflective tape to the bollards for added visibility.

Does the bollard come in different styles?

Bollards come in different styles for different purposes. Fixed bollards are often used in situations where permanent protection is required, like in front of a business or other valuable building. Removable or collapsible bollards, however, can be more useful in situations where safeguarding is needed temporarily; they can be removed when they are unnecessary or when you need to create a safe, flush surface that allows vehicular access.

Will the bollards require any maintenance?

After you have installed your bollard, you will want to spend as little time as possible maintaining or repairing it. The right bollard company will offer bollards with stainless steel hinge pins that should be maintenance-free. You may need to repaint the post and base, as they may fade depending on the environmental conditions of your area, but you should not have any major maintenance issues.

Does the bollard come with a warranty?

Your security bollard should be able to prevent crashes and withstand substantial impacts, but if your bollard does fail, you will want to be sure that your bollard company can provide a warranty for any damages. Look for companies that offer warranties for one year or more for any defects in materials or workmanship.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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