Common Uses of Bollards

If you’ve ever seen a bollard, you may be wondering how often they are used and if they can be used to protect your land or any other areas that need safeguarding. Luckily, security bollards can be used for a variety of applications for various industries. See if these common uses can fit your property’s needs.

Blocking Access

Some areas need to be protected from vehicular access at all times. Permanent bollards can be used to prevent access to parking areas, storefronts, driveways, near site perimeters of government buildings and many other areas to provide a visual deterrent to drivers. For temporary project sites that still require the utmost security measures, you can also use removable or collapsible bollards.

Controlling Traffic

Roads can be incredibly dangerous, especially when traffic is coming and going throughout the day. If traffic isn’t kept under control, a driver may accidentally swerve into a pedestrian on the sidewalk or into another vehicle on the road. By installing security posts near sensitive, accident-prone areas, like bicycle paths, you can protect those who frequent the area. For temporary construction projects or any other event that requires safeguarding for a limited time, removable bollards can prohibit unauthorized traffic effectively. Removable and fixed bollards have multiple uses in safety

Protecting Vulnerable Buildings

Some emergency response buildings, like hospitals and fire stations, need to be protected for proper access. These teams need to be able to leave their facilities quickly, and if a car is blocking a hospital or fire truck lane, the emergency teams may not be able to reach the people in need. Security bollards can ensure these areas only allow the appropriate traffic to pass through. Removable guard posts provide high-strength security, but when an emergency team wants to gain access to the area, they can simply remove the bollard, creating a flush surface safe for driving over. Collapsible bollards offer the same protections while allowing emergency crews to fold them down when not in use for safe driving clearance. Teams can also use security posts near valuable resources, like fire hydrants.

Preventing Anti-Ram Behavior

Valuable facilities, like storefronts, are often susceptible to damaging ram-raiding activity that can cost thousands—even millions—of dollars. Ram raiding occurs when cars enter an unauthorized area with the intention of allowing burglars to enter the property. To protect their buildings from ram-raiding crimes and the resulting damage and lost profits, business and facility owners can install removable or fixed security posts at the front of the site for enhanced security.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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