Choose the Best Bollard: Fixed, Removable or Collapsible

At TrafficGuard, we commonly have clients ask us which bollard model will be best for protecting their properties: fixed, removable or collapsible. While each style provides heavy-duty security, they also have their own advantages and industry applications. Read on to determine which security post style may be most advantageous for your site.

Fixed Bollards

Fixed bollards are one of the most popular models of security posts because of their permanence. Property owners can choose fixed bollards in surface-mounted or embedded models depending on their site security needs.

The Advantages

If property owners want to restrict vehicular or pedestrian access to a specific area and need a security post they can rely upon for long-lasting protection, they frequently choose fixed bollards. These security bollards are also easy to install.

When Should You Use Fixed Bollards?

Fixed bollards are most commonly used in areas that need permanent site protection. For example, owners of properties like airports, government buildings, stadiums, schools, universities, storefronts and other areas utilize fixed bollards as part of their site security system because they know this bollard style can help protect areas where vehicular access should never be allowed.


Removable bollards are one of two security post styles used for temporary site protection. When site owners no longer want to create vehicle deterrence with their removable bollards, they can simply unlock the bollard (if needed) and lift it from the ground.

The Advantages

Removable bollards are beneficial for a variety of reasons. Property owners often choose removable bollards because they allow them to choose the level of security they need, when they need it. Removable barrier posts are available in both locking and non-locking models, which each has its own advantages. The twist-in model of bollard provides site owners with the option for either padlock or internal locking system. Bollards are available in drop-in models as well, which prove to be exceptionally useful for sites where controlled access is the highest concern. Because these bollards do not have any locks, owners can place or remove them with ease. Even though these bollards are simple to remove, they still provide exceptional security and can help prevent unwanted intrusions.

Where Should You Use Removable Bollards?

Removable barrier posts can be implemented in places where site protection and selective access is critical. For example, people who own property that frequently hosts events may choose removable bollards. During the special event, they can lock the removable bollard into place, and, once it’s over, easily remove it to create a smooth, flush surface that is safe for vehicles to drive over.


Collapsible bollards are another post model used to protect a variety of areas. These bollards provide site security as needed; when not in use, site owners can simply fold down the bollard and lock it with a stainless steel padlock pin. Collapsible bollards are available in a variety of styles, including single, double and round post, as well as double post screw lock.

The Advantages

Collapsible bollards are most advantageous for the flexible site security they offer. Like removable bollards, collapsible bollards provide exceptional protection on a more temporary basis and can be folded down with ease to create safe clearance for drivers.

Where Should You Use Collapsible Bollards?

Collapsible bollards are highly advantageous for site security applications that need to frequently create access for vehicles. Unlike removable bollards, which can be a more time intensive process, collapsible bollards can be raised in lowered in a short amount of time so site owners can allow the appropriate traffic through more quickly.   Want additional information about the advantages of permanent, removable and collapsible bollards? Contact a representative at TrafficGuard today.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
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