Protection We Never Notice: Bollards in Public Areas

Why are those posts secured in concrete everywhere like marinas, public parks, campgrounds and state beaches? Those posts are called bollards and their presence often indicates there is some kind of danger nearby. Public safety products are installed to warn drivers not to go off the main roads, to prevent parking or driving in certain areas, and to mark off areas where vehicles are not permitted.

Industry Applications of Bollard Protection

From pedestrian safety to parking blockades, there are many useful purposes for the public barrier posts we see everywhere. Often we don't really notice bollards and they seem to blend in to the area. They may surround parking lots except where cars may enter and exit. Often they help prevent vehicles from getting too close to government structures, property and official buildings. Bollards may have architectural designs elements or they may be simple reinforced posts for use as a deterrent on public or private property or business locations. Often in areas like schools, parks, playgrounds and beaches, bollards mark off areas for pedestrians or children's play areas for safety from moving vehicles. Bollards can help protect areas from safety hazards by preventing vehicles from taking shortcuts across open areas where pedestrians are walking, bicycling and where children play and run around freely. If you are not looking for them, you may not notice these simple vertical posts set deeply into the ground or concrete. Once you start looking, you will be amazed at the locations where they are protectively standing there. Some heavy-duty bollard posts effectively prevent a vehicle from parking in an area that needs to stay clear for loading and unloading. Another use for public barriers is to cut off access to areas where vehicles could become stuck in the sand or mud; bollards can also limit vehicles from reaching places that are too steep to drive. Removable bollard posts help deter traffic from short and long-term construction sites.

Private Applications for Bollards

When people rent property or venues for special events like concerts, festivals, farmer's markets, and other recreational social gatherings, bollards help direct the path to safe parking areas, entrances and exits. Public safety products are also located around restroom areas, food vendors, entrances, and exits from buildings, or areas where pedestrians may unexpectedly emerge. Many temporary set-ups for entertainment from circus tents, to RV shows, and festivals will use removable bollards posts to help keep vehicles and pedestrians from crossing paths.
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