Bollards Use for Pedestrian Bridges, Shopping Centers & College Campuses

Areas where young people gather—college campuses, local parks, malls and other popular socialization places—are often crowded, often a little deserted depending on the time of day or night. While there are security measures such as cameras, lighting and security guards, sometimes additional safety measures are needed to help reduce dangers to young pedestrians.

How are Bollards Protecting These Areas?

One example is having restricted access bollard posts helping to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering certain parts of a campus, shopping, area or walking paths. Some facilities have collapsing bollards that are locked into place after hours when the staff is leaving. These bollards do not just help deter unwanted visitors, they also alert drivers to avoid blocked areas, and drive carefully where pedestrians and cyclists are hard to see at night. There are other reasons why some buildings need to prevent unauthorized vehicles from getting too close. Blocking vehicle access could potentially limit the damage or help deter criminal and terrorist attacks. Pedestrian barrier posts are an effective way to permanently block vehicles from entering critical areas. Pedestrian bridges that limit entrance and exits from properties with bollard posts could help deter accidental access from vehicles due to negligent drivers. Bollards make the accessibility to certain areas difficult for intentional defense strategies. Good city planners and property managers think about the safety of their environments before adding in hardscape features. If you have pedestrian traffic control products to back up your safety strategies, there are many ways to control traffic and access, keeping pedestrians, skaters, bicyclists and others safe from harm.

Cost-Effective and a Worthy Investment

As bollards are a helpful deterrent to accidents, crime and unauthorized access, at any cost they should be considered a worthy investment. It is a great motivator that these heavy-duty pedestrian traffic control products are an excellent way to improve safety in certain areas of public buildings like shopping malls and colleges, or in park and recreational areas. These areas are built for public use, ensuring their safety in every way possible makes them more usable and accessible to the people who need them.
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