Can You Have Too Many Bollards?

Security and accessibility should be balanced in bollard security measures. If security bollards allow for too much accessibility, security risks can get through. Having a combination of posts works to protect people and property.

Safety Comes First

The safety of pedestrians should always be top priority when installing security bollards, but accessibility and aesthetics should also contribute to your security system’s setup. Many debates have come about in urban areas because of the constant battle between the safety and visual appeal of an area, but with proper bollard selection and placement you can have both safety and aesthetics. You can utilize combinations of removable, fixed and collapsible traffic bollards in certain areas where high or low speed traffic may pose a threat to the safety of pedestrians, property or other vehicles. Any security measures you decide to set up should also allow for ready access to a location, particularly emergency personnel including fire, medical or police units.

Visual Compatibility

Although safety should be the first consideration in bollard installation, bollards shouldn’t detract from the visual aesthetic of a location. Even safety-yellow posts are applicable for many scenic areas, securing a location while remaining visually unobtrusive and properly placed. Consider areas where bollards are needed, and in how great a number. If you think an area may benefit from the installation of several bollards for safety and security, try to figure out how many bollards would turn the location into an eyesore versus how many are truly required. Strategically placed security bollards along with the right combination of posts will allow a location to stay secure while not costing more than you need to spend. Maintaining an overprotected area means you’ll spend more money on a security system that takes away from the environment. Try to keep both safety and accessibility in mind when configuring a system of fixed, removable or collapsible security bollards, and you’ll have a security system that truly protects your facility and everyone around it.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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