Common Security Mistakes People Make

Unprotected areas of facilities can sometimes render an entire security system obsolete. Having your office building or other facility equipped to handle nearly any security risk is important to not only maintain the facility and people around it, but also to ease your mind. Unfortunately, the construction of many buildings doesn’t fully incorporate a functioning security system including security bollards and other measures, leaving exploitable weak points.

Premises Liability Laws

Businesses used to be able to choose whether or not to implement a working security system, but with premises liability laws it’s a necessity today. For example, California law states that building owners are required to provide a secure and safe area for pedestrians and vehicles. Premises liability laws maintain that property owners and occupants are liable for any injuries sustained on the premises. Essentially, these laws make it illegal to have a facility without any security measures. Having a secure system of safety regulation bollards, cameras and alarms can form a system that works best in protecting both the property and all occupants.

Delayed Installation of Security Systems

Taking too much time to install proper security measures puts a facility at greater risk for criminal activity or injuries. Entry and exit doors of a facility should receive the most attention, making sure that pedestrians can access and leave the facility safely while keeping burglars and other unwanted individuals from gaining entry. Security systems may consist of cameras, bollards and gates, among other measures, but any aspect that’s missing could result in not only problems with premises liability, but also injuries or even deaths that could have been prevented.

Absence of Security Risk Assessments

Performing regular risk assessments saves property owners on security breaches, accidents and injuries, retrofitting and other issues. When risk management isn’t at its best, faults in security systems allow for security mistakes to occur. All cameras, security bollards and other equipment should undergo evaluation to ensure that property is truly secured. Unfortunately, many home and business owners neglect to maintain or even install their security systems, or fail to comply with premises liability laws, resulting in the compromised safety of people and property.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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