How Traffic Bollards Have Improved

The need for safety bollards is widely recognized all over the world, keeping pedestrians and property safe from injury and damage. In spite of their reputation as effective safety means, many urban governments still refuse to use them to their full extent on public property. The technology of fixed, removable and collapsible bollards continues to make them a crucial part of facility security, which is what these reluctant parties should understand.

Harnessing the Technology

There are several reasons why people are sometimes reluctant to have bollards installed for security. Many believe that vehicle barriers won’t accommodate for people who are visually or physically impaired. Another concern is that bollards will interfere with snow plowing, and also that they will severely damage vehicles that hit them. Today’s bollard technology alleviates these worries in a number of ways, with removable, collapsible and fixed vehicle barriers designed for different security configurations.

Removable Posts

These bollards stand in permanent underground mounting devices such as sleeves. At the base of the bollard, a gap allows people to easily unlock and remove the bollard when needed. They offer solid security while being versatile in facilities requiring accessibility.

Collapsible Posts

If vehicles need to enter a location quickly, particularly emergency personnel, authorized individuals can quickly unlock these barriers and lower them. When lowered, the amount of clearance accommodates for emergency and company vehicles. Along with removable bollards, collapsible barriers are ideal for frequently changing security settings.

Fixed Posts

Usually the most heavy-duty option, fixed bollards offer permanent protection when installed. Depending on the level of security, these bollards are either bolted at the base to secure them in place or are embedded in the concrete. These vehicle barriers work best in areas requiring the highest level of pedestrian protection, such as storefronts and parks. The versatility of bollard technology makes bollards crucial for areas with varying security levels, and many allow easy access for impaired individuals and authorized vehicles.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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