How Bollards Keep Children Safe

Traffic safety posts, known as bollards can range from a temporary flexible barrier to the heavy-duty type of reinforcement for both rural areas and heavily trafficked cityscapes. They improve safety for drivers by controlling the direction and flow of vehicles while shielding pedestrians and cyclists. The use of collapsible bollards on bicycle paths, hiking trails, parks and recreational areas are designed to help prevent unauthorized access from vehicles. When emergency or official vehicles must have access to a protected area, collapsible bollard posts from TrafficGuard Direct easily unlock. Collapsible bollards can fold down close to the ground once unlocked, to allow vehicles just clearing a few inches from the ground to pass over without any damages. Collapsible bollards are resistant to impact or corrosion, so they will serve a long time on trails, bike and hiking paths, helping to keep children safe.

Visual Alert for Special Events

Another premium benefit of modern bollards is that removable and collapsible bollards are vertical, so they are easily spotted by drivers to help them realize quickly that there is no access for vehicles. For additional alert visibility, TrafficGuard bollards are covered with 3M reflective tape and bright yellow powdered paint finish to add to the deterrence of a bollards' architectural strength. Depending on the type of event, special biking events like marathons, charity drives or races require specific bike path route changes throughout a property. Collapsible bollards are just one of several security options for such special events. Removable bollards can be stored in services buildings or in public storage units to be assembled each time the same level of security is needed. In the case of a marathon that utilizes a bridge or overpass that is intended for vehicles, access must be restricted during this special event. There are several temporary types of traffic safety posts that will fit across both sides of the bridge that closes the gap so only bicycles and pedestrians can fit through. When special biking events draw hundreds of cyclists and pedestrians, installing bollards helps keep everyone safe, adding to everyone’s enjoyment.

Permanent Protection for Parks

Many park and recreation areas have pedestrian bridges, biking and hiking trails that need permanent bollards for continuous access prevention. The more durable bollards can be surface mounted or embedded. Both methods secure the bollards to effectively help prevent, reduce, or avoid collisions while deterring unauthorized traffic. Safety is significantly improved with the proper installation of bike path traffic control bollards. With proper safeguards, park visitors will feel secure and trust that you are providing the best protection possible.
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