How Do OSHA Regulations Affect Bollards?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was founded in 1970 with the intention of improving safety measures against illness and injury. The organization has helped business owners provide adequate protection for workers while also reducing costs in workers’ compensation cases, insurance payments and missed workdays. OSHA parking lot regulations have set a standard for the construction and installation of removable, collapsible, retractable and fixed bollards that are intended to boost safety and security measures for facilities, reducing the number of injuries and accidents as well as property damage and criminal activity. As a result, property owners save money on lawsuits and other complications caused by inadequate safety regulations.

OSHA Promises

Since the inception of the OSHA, workplace deaths have seen a dramatic drop because of improved safety and security measures implemented in business regulations. The promises made by OSHA include the implementation of systems to manage health and safety, compliance enforcement, regular workplace inspections, promotion of educational programs, established reporting protocols and others. These promises have been fulfilled in many ways to promote a safe and secure environment for company employees and visitors.

Regulations and Bollards

Bollard construction and installation is governed by OSHA parking lot regulations in many cases. For example, certain companies are required to have permanent fixed bollards installed around their facilities, especially if they serve security purposes for embassies or public institutions. The OSHA has created regulations for the specifications of size, weight, color, resistance level and type of bollard required in order to ensure a safe and secure environment. Not all collapsible, removable and fixed bollards are OSHA regulated, but the organization has greatly reduced risks of accidents and property damage by enforcing public safety in many ways for a variety of facilities.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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