When to Install Permanent or Temporary Traffic Barriers

There are several different types of traffic posts available for property security, including collapsible, removable and fixed models. Each is designed for a certain level of security, either serving principally as visual deterrence or physical impact resistance. Depending on the level of access control and the security measures a facility requires, permanent or temporary traffic barriers might best suit the application. There are several ways to determine which type of traffic post is ideal for your property.

Permanent Bollards

For heavy-duty security applications, permanent bollard installation may be a good solution to prevent vehicle crashes. Permanent fixed posts are commonly used to guard areas only intended for foot traffic, protecting pedestrians, utilities and doorways from vehicle damage. Their steel construction ensures that vehicles can't easily break them. Permanent post fixtures can be designed to withstand high-speed crashes, keeping people and property safe from accidental or intentional damage. Some of the applications for permanent bollards include schools, storefronts, government facilities, police stations, public offices, and many others where pedestrians and property require reliable physical protection throughout the day. Their design allows them to hold up in harsh weather conditions, resisting wear over years of use. Depending on the configuration of the bollards, they can provide sufficient security without detracting from nearby architectural designs or scenery. However, permanent barriers are also highly visible to drivers, serving as effective visual deterrence.

Temporary Barriers

Many applications only require vehicle access restriction at specific times. Temporary traffic barriers are intended for keeping vehicles away from areas where pedestrian foot traffic is more inconsistent, as well as where construction or public work is done. Construction zones, school crossings, streetscapes, and concert venue entrances are simply some of the many applications for temporary bollards. There are several reasons to choose temporary safety barriers for many types of locations, including:
  • Flexible access control - removable traffic posts allow for easy setup, relocation and storage when no longer needed, while collapsible bollard posts allow users to simply lower them to let vehicles pass.
  • Physical and visual deterrence - temporary removable posts can be designed to withstand certain levels of low-speed impact. Bollards appear bright yellow in order to remain highly visible to drivers and deter them from entering restricted areas.
Both permanent and temporary traffic barriers can provide proper security for a wide variety of applications. For larger properties with varying levels of access depending on the specific area, install a combination of temporary and permanent posts, and maximize the security of your facilities. Experts can also help you determine which types of posts will work best with your application. Safety standards continue to evolve as well, giving way to new requirements for traffic post configurations along with new standards in construction, but both permanent and temporary bollards will continue to remain crucial to traffic safety.
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