Prevent Gas Pump Damage and Protect Customers with Bollards

A highly flammable liquid producing ignitable, dense vapors three times heavier than air, gasoline is even more dangerous than explosives because of its volatile vapors and ability to ignite at lower temperatures. Thousands of fires caused by accidents involving gasoline seriously injure people every year. Gas stations are especially vulnerable to gasoline accidents, with vehicles constantly darting around gas pumps, people pumping gas into their car tanks, with the entire scene sitting above 30,000+ gallons of gas stored in tanks below the pumps. Since gasoline has such a low flash point, all it would take to set fire to a pump would be a small spark caused by a vehicle crashing into a gas pump. Unfortunately, gas pump explosions happen every day at busy gas stations—especially those stations that neglect to use added protection for their gas pumps with embedded steel pipe anti-ram bollards.

Advantages of Gas Pump Bollards

Offering the highest level of protection available for gas pumps that are at risk of being damaged by careless drivers, embedded bollards are installed securely into the ground and reinforced by a concrete foundation to help prevent vehicles from striking gas pumps and potentially creating a dangerous situation. In addition to preserving the integrity of gas pumps and reducing the cost of replacing or repairing damaged gas pumps, bollards placed around gas pumps will also: Help prevent most vehicles (unless they are moving at a high rate of speed) from making contact with the gas pump when pulling or backing up to a pump. Gas station bollards can reduce the force of vehicles hitting gas station tanks and thereby minimizing damage to the pump. Stop sparking before it occurs due to vehicle-pump contact. After a vehicle's tank is filled and the hose is replaced, gasoline vapors rush into the surrounding air and remain there for a long time. If a car hits the gas pump within an hour of someone getting gas, sparks could possibly ignite the vapors and cause a fire that spreads rapidly because of oil, gas and other vehicle leakage staining the concrete. In addition to dramatically improving safety for gas station customers, gas pump bollards offer aesthetic appeal by geometrically enhancing the arrangement of a gas station layout. When bollards are maintained, they can give gas stations a clean, well-designed appearance that attracts new customers who are searching for a nice-looking gas station.

Rebounding Bollards

Rebounding gas station bollards are strong yet flexible bollards that employ energy absorption principles and technology to protect gas station pumps. When rebounding bollards are impacted by a moving vehicle, internal mechanisms such as a spring system or elastomer allows the rebounding bollard to tilt forward and return to its normal position after the vehicle moves away. By absorbing and dissipating a vehicle's moving energy, rebounding bollards not only protect gas pumps but also minimize damage to the vehicle. Gas station owners can't afford to leave their gas pumps or their customers unprotected. One vehicle hitting one tank could cause a fire or explosion large enough to cost them thousands of dollars in damage to their business, not to mention serious injuries to customers. Contact TrafficGuard Direct today to find out more about the benefits of gas station pump bollards. TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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