Why Combine Bollard and Gate Systems?

Installing a new gate vastly improves security systems for facility entrances and exits, but it shouldn’t stand alone. Utilizing a solid security bollard system helps further block unwanted traffic. You can strategically place removable, collapsible and fixed traffic bollards at gated entrances to control the direction and flow of traffic into any area.

Consider Bollards for Added Protection

Sturdy entrance gates are a good security measure for facilities of all types as well as private neighborhoods, but for optimal protection it’s a good idea to install a working bollard system to accompany them. While a gate security system may provide an effective visual warning to unauthorized vehicles, traffic bollards help direct vehicles once they gain entry and further prevent damage to people and property. Property owners can set up fixed bollards on the outside of a gate to keep vehicles from ramming into walls or driving on grass around the gate, while more fixed posts on the other side of the gate can protect security booths and pedestrian walkways behind it. Removable bollards are ideal for areas where security levels are likely to change more frequently, and for areas near gates that require sectioning off to unauthorized vehicles while allowing others to enter quickly, use collapsible bollards which are raised and lowered accordingly.

Cost Effective Solution

Safety and security are two aspects of a facility that require immediate attention. Having a traffic bollard system installed is an economical way to improve your security systems, accompanying gates to provide visual and physical deterrence. They don’t cost a large amount of money to implement and assist other security devices as well, such as cameras and fences. In order to fully protect your facility, consider installing combinations of traffic bollards for your business or residential area.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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