Recent Technological Advances in Physical Security

One area of security that has experienced a large amount of technological advances has been in physical security systems. Many developments have made equipment such as surveillance systems, traffic bollards and locking mechanisms much more effective and easy to use for property owners. Physical security systems will continue to improve and undergo innovations that help ease the minds of business and home owners, preventing injuries and accidents as well as saving costs on lawsuits and property damage.

Advances in Surveillance

Modern surveillance devices are able to scan property at night, allowing property owners to overlook the premises clearly at any time of day. Other security advancements in surveillance technology include longer-distance surveillance, motion-tracking security cameras, and the decrease in size of cameras which allows them to remain unseen. Listening devices have also been developed to more clearly detect sound without being noticeable. Surveillance measures have become more efficient and easier to control, keeping buildings secure without the clunky systems that used to exist.

Personalized Locking Mechanisms

Locks for entry and exit doors are no longer easy to break into. While criminals may have a harder time with them, property owners benefit hugely from smoother access control. Many locks contain digital keypad codes, individualized for employees and property managers. Certain models even have fingerprint, eye scan or voice recognition as well.

Traffic Bollard Developments

Although many hardly notice them, traffic bollards are one of the most important items of safety equipment a facility should utilize. Property managers can place these durable posts nearly anywhere in order to redirect traffic flow, prevent unauthorized vehicle entry and ramming in restricted areas, and protect buildings and people from vehicle damage. Security advancements in traffic bollards include personalized locking mechanisms for removable and collapsible bollards, along with retractable bollards that electronically raise and lower, both above and beneath the ground. As time passes, security measures will continue to develop, allowing property owners to take even more control over their facilities, using the latest bollards, surveillance systems and building locks. Properly maintaining facilities will continue to become easier and cheaper than it was.   TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
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