Using Bollards as a Terrorism Deterrent

Bollard posts are traditionally used to help protect areas from inadvertent crashes. Now, Britain is installing bollards to protect Windsor Castle from the threat of terrorist attacks. There has been an increase in suicide bombings around the world that feature bombers in vehicles driving through fencing and into buildings in order to set off an explosion.

Bollard Implementation Around the World

In Scotland in 2008, a terrorist attacked the Glasgow International Airport. The bomber attempted drive in through the glass doors of the airport and started a fire with propane tanks in a Jeep Cherokee. The only reason the bomber didn’t get further into the airport was that protective bollards were placed outside the entrance. Nobody was seriously harmed, but the story could have ended much differently. Shortly after the attack, Scotland decided to install more than 300 steel pipe post bollards to deter further terrorist threats. Now, Windsor Castle is the most recent high profile location to be outfitted with impact deterring steel bollards as a result of Britain raising its terror threat levels. The bollards are able to withstand the impact of up to a 7.5 ton truck traveling at 30 mph. In the event of an emergency, the protective safety bollards will also be able to retract in as little as 1.5 seconds to allow emergency personnel to pass. Similar protective measures are already in place throughout Washington, D.C., in Afghanistan for the protection of U.S. diplomats, and in other areas of the world subject to terrorist threats. In 2013, traffic barricades effectively disrupted a Taliban attack in Afghanistan when two vehicles filled with explosives tried to drive into the U.S. consulate. The threat of terrorism is a relatively new use for bollards, but the potential for securing an area is vastly increased with their introduction. It is likely that we will see these solutions implemented in more places around the world as terrorist threats continue to be a real concern.

Bollard Security Applications

The more well-known purpose of bollards is to help protect pedestrians and building fronts from unintended traffic and unexpected crashes. They can also be used to protect building doorways that are meant for a specified group of workers. Bollards are also effective at helping protecting gas stations from deadly accidents from errant vehicles, while encouraging traffic to flow in a certain direction. Dangerous machinery can also be effectively cordoned off while providing workers access to certain areas. Bollards have a wide range of protective capabilities. Having the foresight to implement these measures before an accident or attack occurs can save lives. As the research and development surrounding traffic barriers evolves, it is likely that we will see bollards incorporated in even more protective situations. Whether your concern is for ram-raiding, terrorist threat, or unwanted vehicle traffic, TrafficGuard Direct has all your safety bollard needs covered. Contact us today to learn more about our high impact solutions for government buildings, financial institutions, and other areas where security is vital. TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
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