Do You Need a Decorative Bollard?

Some bollard posts are purely functional. They need to be highly visible and deter traffic. Others are placed at residences and public places that maintain a strict standard of design in the layout of streets and pathways. Let’s consider some scenarios in which you might want to consider a decorative and protective bollard post over a highly visible one, and vice versa.

Bollards in the News

In West Oxfordshire in the UK, The Daily Mail’s headline reads “Ugly bollards installed at entrance to the historic Cotswolds village spark anger as residents say, ‘they’d look better on a council estate.’” The bollards are large, bright white and hazard yellow, and detract from the picturesque and historic quality of the surrounding area. The pathway is purposefully narrow, and part of the reason for the posts is to prevent heavy traffic from collapsing a bridge within the village. While this story represents a temporary measure for a distinct purpose, the residents have a point. Some places are simply not suited for traditional traffic deterrents. So, how do you know if you need a decorative removable bollard post?

Decorative Considerations

Some areas, such as residential neighborhoods or towns, maintain strict guidelines on the addition of any permanent fixture to preserve the beauty of the surrounding area. If not stipulated in the guidelines, you may choose to use a decorative post to maintain aesthetics. Decorative removable bollards may be preferable in areas such as:
  • Highly traveled areas in front of buildings, bus stops, parks, or schools. In addition to the sturdier bollard posts, which are safety features, you may also include planters or other bollard-type impact reducers to prevent damage while maintaining a certain style or quality.
  • Marinas. Marinas that are used primarily for recreation rely on bollards to help prevent vehicles from accidentally rolling into the water. Many marinas incorporate themes and some areas that include upscale restaurants and other high-end facilities may choose to install decorative bollards to stay in accordance with the site’s overall atmosphere.
  • Private or public estates. Any place that is meant to evoke a certain response from visitors may benefit from an alternatively styled decorative bollard. The level of traffic is unlikely to be significant enough to warrant having a bright bollard, and will still help prevent unwanted traffic.

Highly Visible Considerations

In some places, it is more prudent to use highly visible bollard posts instead of decorative ones. If there is high traffic in an area and the likelihood of collision is increased, a visible bollard may be more effective. Places where it is more helpful to include highly visible bollard posts include:
  • Drive up windows. Vehicle drivers who aren’t paying attention may not see a bollard post that is protecting the window area if it is not brightly colored.
  • Industrial settings. Large trucks and other commercial and industrial vehicles don’t have the same visibility as other vehicles on the road. If you look, you will notice that most loading docks and industrial manufacturing facilities include large, bright yellow barriers to ensure that the drivers notice them.
  • Highly traveled areas. Some parks and other well-used areas use bollards to funnel traffic toward a certain area. While some of these posts may be decorative, it is likely that most will be highly visible as well. In these spaces, bollards that are not well marked are prime targets for damaging collisions.
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