How Guard Posts Contribute to Bicyclist Safety

In cities across America, citizens rely on bicycles to get around. It's no wonder—bikes are significantly less expensive than cars, making them a highly accessible mode of transportation. The lack of expense of owning a bike versus owning a car is apparent in both the initial cost of purchasing and in the maintenance. However, biking can be dangerous without bike lane protection. Failing to wear a bike helmet can make a simple fall fatal, but even wearing one isn't a guarantee of escaping a big injury.

Why Is Biking Dangerous?

One of the main reasons biking is dangerous is bicyclists are required by law to travel in the road with cars. This is a good measure for protecting pedestrians, but can be quite dangerous for cyclists. Some cities have bike lanes; others do not. In most bike lanes, the only demarcation is a line on the ground. This can easily be missed by a distracted driver, leading to a severe accident.

How Can Bollards Help?

Having a properly demarcated lane is essential for bicycle safety. Permanent bollard posts are a simple, affordable, easy solution to what would otherwise be a complicated problem. Bollards can alert both drivers and cyclists of an approaching hazard. When many car lanes come together in a congested area, it can be difficult and dangerous for a cyclist to navigate. It's easy for a driver to miss a cyclist when his or her main attention is directed to not hitting another car or running a confusing light. Bollards are an excellent way of creating a separate bike lane. This helps prevent drivers from striking cyclists in a potentially fatal event. It can also help prevent vehicle-on-vehicle collisions. When a cyclist suddenly comes in from of a car, drivers have been known to panic and swerve away. While this is life saving to the cyclist, it can lead to severe car collisions, which at best result in property damage. Guard posts can also help protect pedestrians, both from cars and from cyclists. In congested areas, many cyclists choose to use the sidewalk, though it is against the law. It's an understandable choice—it's safer and easier for the cyclist to ride in the less congested sidewalk. However, it can be extremely dangerous for a pedestrian. While pedestrians don't often experience fatal crashes with cyclists, breaking a bone or getting a concussion are not uncommon injuries. By having a bike lane demarcated by traffic bollards, cyclists are protected from cars entering their path. This means they have no reason to enter the sidewalk, leaving the sidewalk free for pedestrians to travel safely. Bollard barriers serve as excellent safeguards against cyclist and pedestrian injury. Vehicles can travel more securely with the help of barrier posts, as well. When used correctly, bollards create a safer city for all. TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
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