Using Warehouse Safety Barriers to Protect Equipment and Workers

One effective way to keep equipment and workers safe from vehicle damage is to install warehouse safety barriers that regulate vehicle traffic. Both indoor and outdoor warehouse locations can benefit from properly installed traffic posts at strategic installation points. Here are some examples of the various types of barrier posts and their potential applications for warehouse security.

Install Warehouse Safety Barriers Outside of Warehouses

Protecting the outside of a warehouse is as important as protecting the equipment inside. Perimeter bollards are ideal for keeping unwanted traffic out of warehouse doors, preventing ram-raiding acts that can result in damaged property and stolen items. Removable or collapsible posts can guard doors until authorized vehicles need entry, at which point users can remove and store removable posts or lower the collapsible models for clearance. Permanently fixed traffic control posts can protect the sides of warehouse loading doors, preventing damage to the walls if vehicles get too close to the building.

Keep Employees and Products Safe with Indoor Warehouse Protection Barriers

Protecting the outside of the warehouse is important, but protecting the assets inside is equally crucial. Indoor warehouse safety barriers can protect products and equipment in warehouses when strategically implemented. With permanent fixed posts installed inside, flammable or other types of hazardous materials won't present a risk in the event of a crash. Forklift drivers can get too close to product shelves when loading and unloading, but bollard posts can give them a visual reference to accurately judge distance. Traffic posts can also keep employees safe in areas with heavy foot traffic, protecting break rooms or other rooms located in the warehouse. Other areas of the warehouse are also protectable using low-impact traffic barriers. Depending on the type of warehouse and the equipment or products it contains, the arrangement of traffic posts will vary.

Use Warehouse Safety Barriers with Other Security Post Systems

Keeping a warehouse safe from vehicle crashes will keep facilities safe, but for areas that consist of other buildings and utilities, consider installing perimeter security posts for entrances and other areas around the facility. There are many different applications for security posts to keep people and property safe. TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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