How Traffic Bollard Posts Help with Employee Safety

Along with the protection of property and visitors, traffic bollards can also keep employees safe, making them more comfortable in otherwise hazardous workspaces. Avoid potentially deadly injuries to workers and expensive lawsuits by installing a system of traffic bollard posts intended for employee safety. Bollards can protect employees on nearly any type of property, providing plenty of security for both public officials and private business owners on tight budget constraints. Choose from several options, including fixed, collapsible and removable posts, depending on the type of workplace parking lot safety application.

A Sufficient Barrier Between Employees and Vehicles

Heavy-duty traffic safety posts can protect employees from harm by providing a tough barrier between workers and vehicles located on company property. Permanent fixed posts installed at storefronts, warehouses and other facilities can ensure that vehicles won't cause damage to property or injure employees. Traffic posts installed inside of warehouses can also improve employee safety by protecting workers from forklifts and other vehicles permitted inside. Not only do traffic posts in warehouses ensure employee safety in the workplace, but they can also guard utilities or equipment in storage enclosures. If a driver looses control of a vehicle on the premises, employees remain unharmed with tough posts that meet low- or high-impact crash standards.

Deterrence of Careless and Destructive Behavior

Another way traffic bollards enforce employee safety is by helping prevent carelessness and deliberate destruction of property. Most traffic bollard posts are designed to stand out visually, clearly marking off restricted areas where either vehicles or pedestrians aren't allowed. Properly installed posts should keep criminals and vandals away, avoiding intentional damage to property and harm to workers or other nearby pedestrians. The bright yellow coloring and cautionary stripes that appear on most bollards also keep employees more alert in specific areas, preventing potentially devastating or costly workplace accidents.

Divert Traffic from Areas with Heavy Influx of Pedestrians

Certain locations experience heavier pedestrian traffic than others, which puts employees, customers and other pedestrians at risk of injury if proper safety measures aren't implemented. ASTM-standard traffic posts can keep employees protected in areas such as walkways and streetscapes where vehicles aren't allowed, effectively channelizing vehicle traffic to avoid pedestrian areas at all times. A clearly visible traffic post system in areas intended for pedestrians can successfully keep drivers attentive when approaching them and indicate areas where vehicles need to slow down. Specific areas with heavy foot traffic might include sidewalks, parks, store entrances, public works areas, and construction zones. Employees' parking lot safety and well-being is a crucial element of successful businesses, educational institutions, government facilities, and many other types of locations. Traffic bollard posts can keep employees safe along with other pedestrians on your property. Depending on the security requirements of your location, you may want to implement a combination of heavy-duty and light-duty traffic bollards for employee safety, including permanent fixed bollards as well as removable or collapsible posts. Utilizing a professionally installed system of industry-standard traffic posts will help make public and privately owned facilities safer, including storefronts, warehouse entrances, parking lots, and other pedestrian-heavy locations.
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