Using Perimeter Security Solutions for Asset Protection

Many public locations are vulnerable to traffic accidents if their perimeters aren't protected, with possible damage to property, or injury to customers or employees. It's important to have the proper perimeter security products to keep your facility protected at all times, and there are several types of products that can keep your property secure.

Fixed Perimeter Posts

For a permanent perimeter security solution, consider installing fixed perimeter posts around your property. These permanent fixtures are installable around stores, warehouses, airports, government facilities and many other properties that require permanent security.

Fixed perimeter bollards will keep unauthorized vehicles from reaching certain areas with heavy pedestrian foot traffic, keeping employees and customers safe from injury, and preventing accidents and criminal acts such as ram-raiding attempts at stores and warehouses.

Removable Traffic Control Barriers

If an area requires more temporary traffic access control, removable traffic posts can keep areas secure when necessary. While not often used for heavy-duty physical security, removable posts act as effective visual deterrents for unauthorized access in many locations. Some of the areas that utilize removable barriers include parking lots, government facilities, docks, marinas, parks and many others that require temporary access control. They are easy to install and remove, with nearby storage located for convenience.

Collapsible Traffic Barriers

Areas requiring temporary protection with higher levels of physical security can use collapsible traffic posts as perimeter security solutions. Collapsible posts remain permanently installed, but users can raise or lower them at any time depending on the property security products required. These are ideal for installation at park entrances to keep unauthorized vehicles off of park paths, or other applications such as to keep vehicles from parking in reserved parking spaces.

If you want to keep your facility protected at all times, you can benefit from installing a variety of fixed, removable and collapsible perimeter security solutions to keep unwanted vehicles out. Having the proper property security products installed at your location will keep property and people safe at all times from low- and high-speed crashes. You can also combine these products with others such as security cameras and alarm systems to maximize security.

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