Top Factors That Influence Bollard Installation

Traffic bollards are important for a wide variety of applications, from protecting pedestrians and property to redirecting traffic away from restricted areas. Like other types of safety equipment, there are several bollard installation factors that will determine which traffic posts are best for your property.

Temporary vs. Permanent Access Control

Are there areas of your property that require access restriction during specific times of the day, or do you need permanent installation to prevent unauthorized access at all times? If a location requires access control on a temporary basis, removable or collapsible traffic posts are ideal for bollard installation. Users can easily lower collapsible post models to allow enough clearance for most vehicles to pass over them, while removable posts are easily stored at onsite racks nearby. Consider fixed posts for locations requiring permanent access restriction.

Risk of Targeting by Vandals, Criminals or Terrorists

The greater the security risk, the more property owners should consider permanent heavy-duty traffic posts for secure asset protection. Glass storefronts may be vulnerable to ram-raiding crimes, which involve criminals who use a vehicle to crash into stores for easy break-ins and access to merchandise. Large government facilities and other public locations are also potential targets for terrorist groups, and will benefit from permanent bollard installation. Areas where criminal activity is more unlikely may want to consider other options for more flexible security.

Weather Conditions and Geographical Features

Both weather and geography can affect the layout of traffic post installations. Areas that regularly experience heavy rain or snow may benefit from heavy-duty bollards offering high visibility, allowing drivers to spot them while resisting high-impact crashes in more extreme conditions. Areas where ice is common are particularly at risk for loss of vehicle control, and should have permanent posts in place to prevent major accidents. Hills can also act as natural geological barriers, influencing vehicle access, and may require unique bollard configurations to accommodate for them.

Open vs. Remote Locations

Facilities that are more public will often balance visual appeal with security. Property owners don't want to deter from architecture and scenery in more open locations, which may affect their choices in traffic safety products. In areas where high vehicle traffic is common, another consideration is how traffic posts will interfere with traffic flow. Visual appeal and traffic disruption aren't as important to consider in remote locations.

Budget for Traffic Post Configurations

When budget constraints are tight, property managers will be required to carefully consider their bollard installation options and other safety measures. Sufficiently secured property is important for avoiding property damage, pedestrian injury, and costly lawsuits. So, property managers should purchase bollards only out of necessity if budgets are thin. Managers need to determine which areas require specific types of protection to meet safety standards before spending. Maintenance requirements are also crucial to consider when determining the cost of a traffic post security system. These factors are some of the most important to consider when looking for the perfect traffic post products to install on your property. With the right combination of permanent and temporary bollards, your property will benefit from proper security.
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