Where to Install Traffic Control Posts in Parking Lots

Keeping a parking lot safe for pedestrians and vehicles is as important as protecting an actual facility. There are many different types of parking barrier post configurations that will improve the safety of parking lots, depending on their layout. Parking lots rely on several different types of security, and depending on whether the facility is commercial, industrial or residential, access control and other security aspects will alter.

Protecting Vehicles, People and Property with Fixed Parking Lot Bollards

Public parking lots often experience heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic, which means that people, property and vehicles are all at risk of damage in the event of an accident, even when vehicles normally travel at slower speeds in these locations. Fixed traffic posts offer heavy-duty protection in specific locations around parking lots. Property owners can install them to protect vehicles from parking too close to each other, dividing parking spaces. They are also useful for storefronts and walkways at the edge of parking lots, preventing vehicles from causing harm to pedestrians. If certain utilities are located in a parking lot, such as a fire hydrant, power supply or more, fixed traffic bollards can protect them from damage as well.

Altering Access Levels with Collapsible and Removable Traffic Bollards

Certain parking lots, particularly lots for residential and governmental facilities, will require stricter access and parking lot traffic control to avoid unwanted vehicle entry. Collapsible parking posts are useful for protecting gateways and entrances to parking areas, with owners able to raise and lower them when authorized vehicles enter or leave. Certain individual parking spaces might only be accessible to certain authorized employees or residents. In this case property owners can have collapsible posts installed at these spaces to reserve them. People who are authorized to park in those spaces can quickly unlock the bollards with keys and a personal lock to lower them, and can raise and securely lock them in place when leaving. Removable traffic control posts are also ideal for securing individual parking spaces, but unlike collapsible posts they are entirely removable and storable with a nearby storage rack. Ground sleeves and fillers can seal the installation site, leaving a flush surface in place of the traffic post.

Combine Bollard Types for Complete Protection

Depending on the location, property owners may benefit from utilizing a combination of traffic control posts in parking lots, including collapsible, fixed and removable bollards. With proper installation, these posts can protect people, vehicles and property at all times. TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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