What Applications are Low-Speed Bollard Posts Used for?

Heavy-duty traffic posts are used for high-speed traffic, providing durable physical protection for many different types of locations. However, for areas that don't require as much protection, there are ASTM certified low-speed bollard posts to keep property secure. There are many different applications that can benefit from low-speed vehicle barriers.

Gas Stations

One area where traffic isn't fast is the gas station. Vehicles driving to pumps and parking in gas station lots don't drive fast, but even low-speed impact can ignite gas pumps, potentially resulting in disaster. With ASTM certified low-speed bollard posts installed around pumps and gas station convenience stores, the risk of dangerous accidents will lower greatly.

Drive-Thru Windows

Fast food restaurant drive-thru lanes often run the risk of slow traffic collisions. Vehicles can get too close to the side of the building when approaching the windows as well as the speaker when drivers order their food. Strategically installed low-speed bollards by the speaker and drive-thru windows can help prevent this issue.

Toll Booths

Low-speed bollard posts are also necessary at toll booths, where vehicles can get too close to the booth and toll workers as they slow down to pay tolls. Properly installed heavy-duty traffic posts will keep workers and booths safe from vehicle damage at all times.

Parallel Parking Areas

Some people are experts at parallel parking, but others might have a harder time easing into an available space or accurately parking between the lines without taking up two spaces. In order to avoid inefficient parking and collisions between vehicles in parallel parking spots, you can separate spaces with low-speed bollards that let drivers know where to park.

Parks & Children's Play Areas

Driving around parks and playgrounds may be slower than normal traffic, but both children and adult pedestrians can be at risk for low-impact accidents. To keep parks and playgrounds safe from slow-speed crashes, ASTM certified low-speed bollards are ideal for installation around these locations.

There are many other locations that can benefit from using low-speed bollards. All low-speed posts should meet the ASTM International Low-Speed Bollard Test Standard, which helps ensure that traffic posts provide sufficient protection for both people and property in environments with slower traffic.

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