Using Collapsible Traffic Barriers for Temporary Vehicle Access

Some areas require permanent protection from potential vehicle crashes, while others will often allow for various types of vehicles to access them. There are many types of facilities that will require the use of collapsible drop-down traffic barriers to allow for varying levels of access, including government facilities, parks and more.

Collapsible Posts Allowing for Temporary Emergency Vehicle Entry

After a location closes, such as a public park or federal agency facility, gateways may be closed off from unauthorized vehicle access. In the event of emergencies, however, fire trucks or other types of emergency vehicles will require access to the facility, and they will require fast entry with little hassle. Protective collapsible vehicle barriers offer heavy-duty security for property, but owners can quickly unlock them using sets of keys for personal locks. They can then lower them for plenty of clearance, allowing most types of vehicles to enter. Once emergency vehicles have left the property, the property owners can then raise the temporary collapsible traffic bollards and lock them in place to continue protecting the location.

Traffic Posts for Employee Access

Along with emergency personnel, employees will need to gain entry to facilities at varying times. At the same time, property owners will want to prevent unauthorized vehicle entry. Collapsible traffic bollards allow employees to enter an area without any risk of pedestrian vehicles getting through. Employees can raise and lower these traffic posts with ease in nearly any location, including facility gateways, park entryways, designated parking spaces, warehouse loading areas and many other applications. Raised, collapsible posts can withstand both low-speed and high-speed vehicle impact, making them ideal for heavy-duty security applications. In the lowered position these posts provide clearance to allow vehicles clear entry. Collapsible traffic posts are used to protect residential, commercial and industrial locations, providing long-lasting access control and physical asset protection.

Combine with Other Types of Traffic Posts for Total Asset Protection

Temporary collapsible traffic bollards are ideal for areas with varying access levels, but property owners can also install a combination of fixed and removable bollards to supplement them, providing lightweight and heavy-duty protection for many different areas. Fixed traffic posts are useful for protecting storefronts, warehouse entrances and specific assets such as utility boxes from vehicle damage, while removable posts are ideal for areas requiring lightweight security where access levels change, similar to collapsible posts. With the right combination of strategically installed traffic posts, property managers will benefit from a security system that effectively protects both people and property, with flexibility in access levels. TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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