Storefront Safety Bollards in Use

Bollards are used in so many different areas that most people probably don’t notice them as anything more than storefront decorations. Target uses their iconic red spheres along with a practical bollard behind, and Wal-Mart uses differently designed bollards for different storefronts and locations. While some bollards are more unique than others they all serve the purpose of promoting safety for their customers and storefronts.  

Storefront Crash Statistics

The Storefront Safety Counsel released a set of statistics in 2014 that addressed the types of accidents that bollards can prevent. Consider these facts:
  • The majority of storefront incidents are caused by pedal error, followed by DUI, and operator error
  • 46% of all storefront incidents occur in front of a retail or other commercial building
  • Young adult drivers, aged 20-29, and the elderly have the highest percentages of incidents at 19% and 14%, respectively
  It is also worth noting that the number of vehicle crashes into commercial buildings on a daily basis is around 60. With this information, it is understandable that most big box stores would implement some type of barrier to help prevent unwanted traffic accidents. Stores that fail to use the right strength vehicle barriers may face damage almost equal to those with no barrier whatsoever. In addition to helping to prevent storefront crashes, big box stores that implement protective bollards for stores are taking precautions to help deter ram raiding or crash-and-grab type thefts. While there is currently no standard in place for the storefront use of bollards, most of the larger chains have implemented the security measure in an effort to help protect customers and store entrances.  

Unique Applications

Some shopping areas use safety bollards that are closely spaced together along with a chain to prevent foot and vehicle traffic when the stores are not open for business. Dunkin’ Donuts uses a doughnut-decorated bollard by some of its speakers in the drive through. They’ve managed to turn the protective store bollard into a safety measure and marketing strategy in one. Starbucks has also branded some bollards around their locations. The posts are white with the green logo near the top. If you’ve been to the UK or continental Europe you’ve likely seen their squared off bollards with large arrows. The Circle K gas station chain in the U.S. also brands their storefront bollards. In front of LEGO stores, bollards have been painted to look like LEGO characters’ faces. Overall, it would appear that many chain locations match the bollard style they use to the area. World globes, lamps, brands and sculptural designs are all available options when creating a customized bollard that suits your storefront needs. Some may even feature a mosaic, stripes, or a specific theme. For small commercial retailers, hand painting a bollard gives the area unique flair while helping to protect storefronts and pedestrians from accidents. The next time you’re out in public, look around at the bollards. The variety of designs, materials and patterns might surprise you. For marketers, customer safety and protective store bollards are a unique opportunity to sell the brand while protecting consumers and property. For towns, a customized bollard design can maintain the personality of an area in uniformity or an eclectic mix that is eye catching for both visitors and residents. Whether decorative or functional, TrafficGuard Direct has all your bollard needs covered. Contact us today to learn more about our high impact solutions. TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-BuyersGuide
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