Could the Boston Airport Taxi Crash Been Prevented?

On Monday, July 3, several pedestrians were injured in Boston when a taxi driver lost control of his vehicle and unintentionally crashed into a group ...

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The Ultimate Guide to Traffic Control Devices

Many businesses and a wide range of other facilities require the installation of traffic control devices on the premises. These regulatory devices on ...

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Bollard Applications

Bollards are used for a variety of applications, from keeping unwanted vehicles out of parking spaces with light duty bollards, to protecting high sec...

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ASTM to Release Low Speed Vehicle Barriers Standard

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7 Uses for Security Bollards in Schools and Universities

Elementary, middle and high schools, as well as universities, have many high-traffic areas that require exceptional protection systems to ensure the s...

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6 Bollard Applications for Government Buildings & Properties

Government buildings and sites, such as courthouses, libraries, toll booths and more, require high levels of protection, and barrier posts like bollar...

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Choose the Best Bollard: Fixed, Removable or Collapsible

At TrafficGuard, we commonly have clients ask us which bollard model will be best for protecting their properties: fixed, removable or collapsible. Wh...

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5 Commercial Uses for Bollards

At TrafficGuard, we’re proud to produce commercial bollards that can be utilized in a variety of industry applications, such as to protect government ...

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How to Use Bollards in Residential Areas

Here at TrafficGuard, we most commonly see clients implement security posts to protect commercial areas, government buildings and more. However, we al...

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5 Instances When Collapsible Bollards are Ideal

At TrafficGuard, we commonly have clients ask us what type of bollard—permanent, removable or collapsible—is most suitable for their property type and...

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