Fixed Bollards

Perfect for barriers around building entrances or parking lots, our fixed bollards offer permanent collision protection and provide a visual deterrent for unwanted traffic. These durable steel bollard posts are ideal if you want to protect an area that no vehicle should ever access, and they have the same uniform finish as our removable bollards. They are available in both embedded and surface-mounted models, each of which makes installation simple and long-lasting.

Embedded Fixed Bollards

Standing at 36” above ground, these steel bollard posts are highly visible without becoming obtrusive, making them optimal for preventing vehicles from drifting onto sidewalks, equipment or into buildings. Three different sizes of permanent posts are available (with 3.5”, 4.5” or 6.625” outside diameters to choose from), each with a cap that’s welded in place for heavy duty protection.

Surface Mounted Parking Bollards

Like the embedded posts, fixed surface mount bollards are designed for more heavy duty security and can be easily installed onto a slab of concrete. It is mounted with 4 securing concrete anchors, which must each be ¾”. Just like our embedded bollards, these will hold up on a permanent basis and should be quick to deter those you don’t want in a certain area from entering, with a clearly visible finish that stands 36” above ground.

Strong and Easy to Install

Both models of fixed bollards give you long-term protection for many different locations including warehouse walls and doors, store entrances, apartments, and other high traffic, high security areas. Simple to install, these embedded and surface mount bollards are built to protect from physical damage and ensure that unauthorized drivers stay away from those areas you want to left alone. 

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