Radio Data System - Traffic Message Channel

RDS-TMC is a European-developed and standardized means of delivering real-time traffic information via a sub-carrier of FM radio. Transmitted data is decoded by a receiving device such as a satellite navigation system and translated into text or speech traffic alerts.

By combining traffic information delivered via RDS TMC radio data system with the re-routing facilities offered by satellite navigation systems drivers are afforded dynamic avoidance of traffic congestion. ITIS supports sixteen car manufactures and all of the aftermarket vendors with a national RDS-TMC service and has over 600,000 drivers using the service.

ITIS RDS-TMC traffic services enable in-vehicle dynamic satellite navigation devices for 16 manufacturers in the UK. This service is delivered in the form of a nationwide broadcast service (RDS-TMC) to the internationally adopted Alert-C Standard used by in-vehicle satellite navigation systems, to enable the traffic incidents and road speeds to be taken into account when providing route information. The traffic information is displayed on the satellite navigation screen map and text describing the detail of the incident can be viewed by selecting the icon. The severity of the incident will influence the routing engine and it may direct the driver to use a different road if there is a better alternative.

ITIS covers over 18,000 miles of roadway with FVD data for this service, supplemented by over 37,000 miles of incident data from the UK strategic road network. Over 600,000 motorists have access to this data on their satellite navigation systems. ITIS launched the service with Toyota in 2001 and continues to be the leading commercial TMC service provider in Europe, with revenue being generated from wholesale of the data encryption key to the vehicle manufacturer (or aftermarket satellite navigation system manufacturer) and a nominal additional charge to the consumer on repeat CD-ROM / DVD-ROM mapping discs.

This bollard illustrates ITIS's ability to derive revenue from traffic information in the private sector. The traffic information to support these services is gathered by ITIS and the system automatically identifies incidents, delays and clearances.
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