Safety Bollard Applications

Keep customers, employees and others safe with a system of safety bollards installed on public property. There are many applications for TrafficGuard’s light- or heavy-duty bollard posts, which are designed to help eliminate vehicular threats to pedestrians.

Durable Protection

Our safety bollards are ideal for installation in many different locations, including industrial, commercial and residential areas that experience heavy pedestrian foot traffic. We have options for vehicle barriers that can provide visual deterrence for drivers along with tough physical protection, keeping both people and property safe from vehicular accidents. Despite their visibility to drivers, they don’t detract from the surrounding scenery or architecture.

TrafficGuard offers both lightweight and heavy-duty safety bollard posts to keep your property protected. Removable bollard options are easily installed and removed, with nearby racks allowing for convenient storage. You can simply raise and lower collapsible bollards in seconds, locking and unlocking them with a simple locking mechanism. For areas requiring permanent protection, consider installing fixed traffic posts. You can also choose from many sizes and shapes to match your specifications and protect pedestrians in any location.

Install Safety Bollards in Many Locations

Certain locations often experience heavy pedestrian activity more than others. Industrial, commercial and residential areas can benefit from the installation of lightweight or heavy duty bollard posts. You can use them around parks and other recreational areas, schools, storefronts, stadiums, libraries, apartment complexes, hospitals and many other places where people are otherwise vulnerable to vehicle crashes.

The removable, fixed and collapsible safety bollard posts available at TrafficGuard allow for different combinations of security systems, giving you both lightweight and heavy-duty options to protect pedestrians on your property. Install vehicle barriers for building safety around building perimeters, entryways, parking lots, driveways, drive-up/drop-off areas, and other locations, with varying levels of security available for each application.

*Our vehicle barriers for building safety are made from high-quality steel and comply with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)

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