Embedded Bollards

Item #CapPipe SizeHeight Above Finish GradeMatching Removable / Collapsible Bollards
RFP 3560R Round 3.5″ OD 36″
RFP 3560F Flat 3.5″ OD 36″
RFP 4560R Round 4.5″ OD 36″
RFP 4560F Flat 4.5″ OD 36″
RFP 6660R Round 6.625″ OD 36″
RFP 6660F Flat 6.625″ OD 36″

These strong, fixed permanent bollards are designed to aesthetically match our removable bollards and parking bollards, and are available with flat or round tops. These work with virtually any heavy duty application for which you require solid security. They are designed to keep unwanted traffic out of restricted areas and provide durable protection from vehicle damage for buildings and equipment. Three sizes come with outside diameters of 3.5”, 4.5” or 6.625” allowing you to choose the bollards that are ideal for your security level.

Sturdy and Long-Lasting

Each permanent bollard is 60” long, with 36” of that above grade and 24” firmly planted below it, giving it impressive stopping power and long-term durability. No matter the diameter, our fixed embedded bollards are constructed to resist vehicle collisions, preserving your property and helping to protect any people nearby. If you want more protection for parking lots, these are considerably stronger than parking bollards for protecting the edges and individual spaces from drifting or out-of-control vehicles.

The Ideal Visual Deterrent

In addition to their durability and strength, our embedded bollards are also designed to look intimidating to drivers. At their height, these fixed bollards are perfectly visible while remaining unobtrusive, with a bright cautionary finish letting drivers know where not to go. Since they are embedded in the ground, they are extremely difficult to remove and provide permanent security to keep unauthorized drivers away.

A Solid Security Option

While this kind of post is optimal for heavy duty parking lot protection, these embedded bollards are designed specifically for more high security locations, including warehouses and residential areas. If you’re looking for heavyweight security, embedded fixed bollards are easy to install and maintain for stable security at all times, wherever needed.

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