Wheel Stops Do Not Provide Adequate Storefront Security

Wheel stops are an ideal solution to notify drivers where to stop their vehicle and prevent drivers from parking their vehicles in walkways and pedestrian areas.  They are not, however a storefront or outdoor seating security solution.   For adequate vehicle protection from an unwanted incursion, something that is intended to arrest a car or truck should be used.  In the instance below, the only protection from an incursion was a wheel stop and a shallow curb, neither of which were adequate enough to prevent an accident and serious injury.

ASTM F3016 is a crash testing standard that was developed with this type of application in mind.  Strategically placed removable or fixed bollards are ideal to stop vehicles from crashing through a storefront.  ASTM F3016 crash tested bollards are available on 10, 20 and 30 MPH offerings based on site specific conditions and traffic patterns.

For retrofit application, where pre-existing slabs of 3” or more are already in place, easy to install ‘core-in’ bollards have been developed. These bollards take advantage of the existing slab strength, in turn minimizing the footing and installation requirements and lowering the overall cost of installation. Core-in bollards can be used in conjunction with an HDPE bollard cover or a cover of the end users choosing, to meet the desired aesthetic of the project.  Security bollards are also critical in scenarios where outdoor seating is arranged between a parking area and a storefront.  Outdoor dining is one of the most hazardous applications possible and require some form of vehicle protection in these instances. 

Crash rated bollards can provide peace of mind, protection for pedestrians and liability protection for business owners. 


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