M30 Crash Tested Bollards

As storefront crash incidents continue to rise, choosing the right security solution to protect both businesses it's customers become increasingly important.  In the past, selecting the correct security bollard for a particular application was challenging.  As recently as ten years ago there were few standards that could be referenced to determine a bollards ability to stop a vehicle.  Today, the process is simpler.  There are currently two testing standards applicable to removable and fixed bollards.  ASTM F3016 is a low speed test standard that measures a bollards ability to stop a 5,000 lb. vehicle traveling at 10, 20 or 30 MPH.  A crash tested bollard, tested to ASTM F3016 can be an ideal solution for low speed areas that do not have long vehicle 'run ups' to building entry ways.  There a many ASTM F3016 bollard solutions available on the market, including core-in style bollards that are ideal for retro fit applications. 


However, this type of security solution may not be enough at facilities where heavier vehicles are operating, or higher vehicle spees are common.  In those instances, ASTM F2656 may be a better crash test standard reference point.  This standard measures a security devices ability to stop a 15,000 lb. vehicle at 30, 40 or 50 MPH.  There are a wide range of applications for this type of security product ranging from store fronts to streetscape projects.  Outdoor seating areas, gas stations and other similar facilities that are near roads with speeds exceeding 30 MPH may want to consider a bollard solutions that has been tested to ASTM F2656. 


Choosing the right solution, may require the counsel of a traffic engineer to assess the traffic patterns and risks associated with a particular location.  It is critical when choosing a bollard manufacturer that they provide a testing summary to demonstrate that they have contucted bollard crash testing at an accredited facility. 


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