Protecting Our Students: Advantages of Bollards on School Grounds

Every parent or guardian wants his or her child to feel safe at school, including during the times he or she might encounter traffic. School grounds and parking lots can be dangerous, especially during drop-off and pickup times. Vehicle collisions are deadly, and bollards can be situated on and around school grounds to help mitigate accidents. They also help to discourage criminal activity, decongest traffic, and can serve as markers for school entrances and exits.

Why Schools Must Invest

Perimeter security with school bollards is essential. Many student drop-off points become slippery in wet or cold weather, and there needs to be a physical barrier to deter vehicles from crashing into the school. A wall is impractical because it would increase student traffic and facilitate major delays in class start time. Kids moving in and out of the school for recess would take longer, too. Each state has its own specific requirements for the safety of school children. In almost every case, visibility factors into these requirements. School pickup and drop off safety bollards help to create a visual safety net for children by including markers or reflective surfaces. Yellow paint or bright lights can deter criminal activity by illuminating the area and preventing unauthorized traffic. Walk-only zones are frequently violated, so increased zone management is needed. Removable traffic bollards or collapsible vehicle barriers are great for school entry points. School officials can eliminate access to certain areas, then remove or lower the bollards for field trip buses, maintenance vehicles and parents. In the event of criminal activity or a school-wide drug screen, the bollards can be raised into place to help prevent anyone from leaving school grounds. With advances in electronics and technology, automated or remotely-controlled bollards can be accessed by the necessary outside authorities. In the event of an emergency, the fire department, police, or medical personnel need to be able to access all of the school grounds, regardless of the time of day. Bollard manufacturers have made that possible in recent years. Want to learn more about which type of bollards may most ideal for your school? Contact a specialist at TrafficGuard Direct today. For more information about security posts, check out our Facebook page! TrafficGaurd-BlogCTA-Quote
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