Wholesale Bollards

TrafficGuard, Inc offers wholesale bollards online that provide the needed protection for a variety of applications and locations. Since 1999, we’ve produced wholesale heavy-duty bollards in various sizes and models—including permanent, removable and collapsible. Whether you need to protect your site, keep traffic flowing safely, or provide parking direction, our safety posts can effectively control traffic. 

Applications of Wholesale Steel Bollards

As a leading traffic safety post manufacturer, we produce a line of steel bollards to protect buildings, sites and other high-traffic areas. Many companies utilize our permanent, removable and collapsible wholesale steel bollards to keep buildings, drivers and those frequenting their properties free from harm. Our steel posts, available for wholesale purchase online, are most commonly used for the following applications: 
  • Building security—Our bollards effectively thwart accidental crashes and potential ram raiding activity
  • Traffic control— TrafficGuard bollards block access to specific areas of roads and highways and indicate restricted sections, such as bike lanes, to keep traffic flowing safely.
  • Parking barricades—Parking lots and garages invite high levels of traffic. To keep both drivers and pedestrians safe, facilities can install bollards. 
  • Perimeter protection—To protect sites from unwanted vehicular entrance, many facility owners will install our steel bollards around the perimeter of their land.
  • Pedestrian safety—TrafficGuard’s line of wholesale permanent bollards provide the protection pedestrians need in areas with high levels of traffic. If you only need temporary site security, you may utilize our removable or collapsible bollards.

Bollards for a Variety of Industries

At TrafficGuard, we provide wholesale stainless steel bollards to protect a variety of spaces, including:  Contact us for additional information or to inquire about our inventory of wholesale steel bollards.