Drop In - Model RP4501S

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  • 304 Stainless, # 4 Brushed Finish
  • 4.5" Outside Diameter

Drop In - Model RP4501S

Diameter/Weight 4.5" OD - 40 lbs.
Bollard Height 36"
Wall .237"
Locking System None
Mount Flush
Sleeve Galvanized Ground Sleeve / Filler Piece
Finish 304 Stainless, #4 Brushed Finish
Storage Racks 2, 4 & 6 unit
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  • Lockable drop in bollards are manufactured in the U.S.
  • U.S. 304 Stainless Steel Safety Post
  • Non - Lockable secure post bollards have a #4 Brushed Finish
  • Lidded and standard sleeves available

4.5” OD stainless bollards by TrafficGuard® are an optimal solution to provide a secure perimeter as well as a functional solution for the end user with an approximate bollard post weight of just 40 lbs. RP4501 stainless steel security bollards feature a welded in place round or flat post cap, a # 4 brushed finish, a galvanized ground sleeve in which the protective bollards easily slide into and a galvanized filler piece to provide a flush surface when the parking barrier is removed.

Safety bollard installation, like the installation for the drop-in stainless steel series, is a relatively simple process, with a few critical components to remember. The primary factor in the longevity for any bollard post is a dry ground sleeve. TrafficGuard® takes great care in both its ground sleeve design and in its safety bollard installation recommendations to ensure that when water is present it drains and that the post does not sit in water, which can shorten the life of the product drastically. Further, installing the barrier post correctly helps to prevent it getting frozen into place in wintery conditions.