Replacement Lids

Replacement lids are available for all 3 sizes of the Round Post Lock Series. We have created a simple way to replace your lid in the event that it is damaged or destroyed from a vehicle impact.

Replacement Lids

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Our replacement lids are specially designed for Round Post Lock removable bollards, allowing you to replace a damaged lid without removing or replacing the ground sleeve to which it is attached. The lid is a critical component of the ground sleeve, closing over the hole left behind from a bollard and allowing vehicles and people to pass over the bollard’s installation site without risk. They also conceal the installation site, reducing the risk of tampering. If damaged over time or after a collision, your lid can be easily replaced using this handy accessory, allowing you to leave the bollard ground sleeve in place and avoid costly removal and reinstallation.

When a lid wears down over time on a ground sleeve, or otherwise becomes damaged, it needs to be replaced. Without the lid, dirt, mud, rain, snow and ice can fill the ground sleeve, making it difficult to use and preventing the bollard from installing properly. Replacement lids, then, are a cost-effective choice when removable bollard ground sleeves require new coverings. By installing a replacement lid for bollard sleeve you save yourself the trouble and expense of removing the ground sleeve and installing a new one.

Replacement lids for bollard sleeves allow you to cover a ground sleeve, providing a high quality of security when vehicles and pedestrians pass over the top. If the lid becomes damaged after a collision with your bollard, a replacement lid can be used to restore the ground sleeve to full strength. Protecting the ground sleeve underneath from potential environmental damage, it can be changed out independently whenever need be. All lids are easy to put into place over our ground sleeves, and make TrafficGuard, Inc removable bollards even more practical and secure.

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