Traffic Bollards can Prevent Storefront Crashes

Traffic Bollards are ideal for arresting vehicles that may otherwise crash through store fronts.  The type of parking barrier to be used will be based on many factors.  The first factor in determining what bollard barrier system to use are the traffic patterns, speeds and conditions at the storefront to be protected.  Some locations have unrestricted run ups to the store front allowing high vehicle speeds; this example will require a much different solution than a storefront with constrained space and lower speeds.  The next factor to consider is accessability; determining if the bollards will need to be removed from time to time to allow maintenace or emergency vehicles access, or if a permanent vehicle barrier is more appropriate.  A third factor is the cost of installation; finding a solution that was engineered to be minimally invasive is preferrable if at all possible. 

The store front crash below, like most store front incursions, was accidental.  These accidents are on the rise and stem from a variety of factors such as distracted driving or a medical incident behind the wheel.  While it is not usually the case, intential store front vehicle incursions do happen as well.  It is incumbent upon business owners to protect not only their property, but the patrons that they invite into their stores.

One last factor to consider are the aesthetics of your bollard solution.  TrafficGuard®, Inc. has a wide range of stainless steel bollards that will help improve the look and the security of almost any storefront. 

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