ASTM F3016 Bollard Purchase Checklist

Pictured: S30 removable bollards at Children's Medical Center Plano.  Plano, Texas

ASTM F3016 crash tested bollards provide pedestrian and facility protection along with the piece of mind of the security bollards having been tested at an accredited facility.  Removable functionality adds a layer of flexibility, both to provide authorized access as well as to enable easy replacemant of damaged parts. 

When purchasing crash tested bollards, there are a number of critical considerations to ensure you meet your project requirements:

  • Always request a full-scale crash test summary from the bollard manufacturer detailing the bollards actual performance and confirm that the summary comes from an accredited test facility.  Be leery of "independent" bollard tests.
  • Purchase bollards directly from the manufacturer to ensure you recieve the correct material.
  • Require steel certifications from the manufacturer.
  • Require bollard foundation designs that work with your soil conditions.

If a third party is installing the bollards, it is critical you require:

  • Steel certifications from the rebar manufacturer.
  • Concrete specifications from the ready mix supplier.
  • Photos from the actual bollard installation for each step.
    • Site excavation - verifying depth.
    • Rebard photos of the layout prior to concrete pour.
    • Photos of the actual pour.


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