Removable Bollards an Effective Ram Raiding Solution

Ram Raiding is a very common crime. Typically, the person committing the crime steal a vehicle and ram it through a business' vulnerable access points. The most common are roll up doors that can be easily crashed through. Once inside merchandise can be quickly stolen before authorities have time to respond. One effective solution to stop this type of crime are removable anti ram raid bollards. A removable ram bollard unit provides security in off hours to stop a vehicle from ramming through vulnerable access points.

Any business with valuable merchandise is at risk for this type of incursion. In recent years, companies in the cannabis industry have found ram raiding crime to be a significant threat. In many instances removable bollards have been selected as a part of a comprehensive security strategy. Removable bollards offer an ideal solution as they can be removed during normal business operation hours, providing a flush surface for vehicular access. In off hours bollard can be put back in place to provide both a visual and physical deterrent.

While bollards are an effective visual deterrent, for them to be an effective physical deterrent requires proper installation and maintenance. The installer of an bollard system should have knowledge of the soil conditions prior to installation. If they do not they should obtain a soil sample. If site specific conditions are not known and not determined prior to installation, it can result in an ineffective bollard solution. In the example below, manufacturers instructions were not following. The primary issue in this example is a footing that was too small to handle force applied to the bollard, resulting in a total failure of the bollard system, allowing a ram raider to gain access to the facility.

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