Embedded RFP Series - Model RFP4560R

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  • Carbon Steel / Powder Coated
  • 4.5" Outside Diameter

Embedded RFP Series - Model RFP4560R

Diameter 4.5" OD
Bollard Height 36"
Wall .237"
Mount Fixed / Embedded
Finish Carbon Steel / Powder Coated
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  • All TrafficGuard, Inc products feature heavy duty steel construction
  • TrafficGuard, Inc Fixed posts are designed to match their removable and collapsible counterparts
  • 3M® reflective labels for added safety
  • All surfaces are primed with rust & corrosion resistant, zinc rich primer w/5,000 hour salt spray performance
  • Standard finish, TGIC polyester outdoor finish RAL1028 yellow

When someone thinks of protective barriers, the often think of simple steel posts, filled with concrete with an HDPE bollard cover placed over them to improve the look of the bollard.   However, concrete filled bollards with HDPE bollard covers can cause a number of issues.   First, a bollard cover can trap moisture and condensation, and if placed over a poorly finished carbon pipe it can cause the bollard post to erode quickly and lose its strength and structural integrity over time.  Second, while concrete does add strength in low speed situations, in higher speed situations the bollard barrier is susceptible to a complete failure if struck.  This scenario has been crash tested by TrafficGuard® and at 20 MPH, a 4.5” OD, schedule 40 concrete filled pipe failed completely, snapping at the base of the post.

One solution to this is to specify an off the shelf carbon steel, powder coated fixed bollard with a welded in place post cap, like the RFP4506R.  While not ideal for every situation a finished fixed bollard can help address both the condensation issue the cover can cause, as well as giving it the finished look desired by the end user.  Further, not filling the bollard with concrete enables the post to fail naturally if struck and avoid a complete failure of the security post.