Bollard Accessories

TrafficGuard offers the bollard accessories you need to make the most of your security solutions. Our removable bollards are compatible with the appropriately-sized surface-mounted storage racks, which come in a hot-dipped, galvanized finish for superior corrosion resistance. 2, 4 and 6-unit capacities are available, allowing you to store a large number of bollards near your installation site.

Utilizing our removable bollard accessories, you can experience the benefits of:

  • Hot-dipped galvanized finishes for strength and longevity
  • Storage racks in various sizes fitted to your bollards
  • Replacement parts

Add Value with Our Accessories

Our line of accessories makes it even easier for you to use, store and safeguard your TrafficGuard bollards and barriers. Our removable bollard storage rack allows you to secure your bollards in one place while not in use. With our replacement lids, compatible with all three sizes in the Round Post Lock series, you can easily replace a damaged or destroyed ground sleeve lid without the inconvenience of changing out the entire ground sleeve.

These bollard products are designed to work flawlessly for the most optimal safety measures, keeping your property secure at all times. All accessories are designed and manufactured to the same high standards as all our TrafficGuard bollards and barriers, so you know that you can trust their quality.

Convenience and Security

Whether removable or collapsible, each bollard made by TrafficGuard is manufactured using heavy duty steel and designed to withstand vehicle impact. When you complement that high level of security with the convenience of our unique accessories, then, you give yourself a formidable stopping force that’s virtually hassle-free. From the high security lock pins that strengthen our collapsible bollards to the replacement ground sleeve lids for our removable bollards, our bollard products and accessories are designed to make it easier for you to maintain your security

*TrafficGuard complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)