Locking Top Lock High Security Series [TL1006HS]

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  • Carbon Steel / Powder Coated
  • 6.625" Outside Diameter

Locking Top Lock High Security Series [TL1006HS]

Diameter/Weight 6.625" OD - 70 lbs.
Bollard Height 36"
Wall .280"
Locking System External / Padlock
Mount Flush
Sleeve Galvanized Ground Sleeve / Filler Piece
Finish Carbon Steel / Powder Coated
Storage Racks 2, 4 & 6 unit
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U.S. Patent 7,472,891 & 7,722,285
Canadian Patent 2,623,426

Successfully used to protect parking spaces and high security facilities from forced entry, heavy duty locking posts are barriers that prevent unauthorized access. They are also easily removable when authorized access is needed. While lightweight, these removable access bollards are extremely durable and can’t be tampered with. When removed, the movable bollard can be replaced with galvanized ground sleeve filler that is flush with the ground, making it completely unobtrusive. With a top-locking design and patented internal deadbolt technology, our round-post barriers’ locking mechanism is safe from the elements. Snow pileup, ice and other weather conditions won’t be hazardous to the structure of top-lock high security bollards. New Round Post Top Lock High Security bollards have a 36″ post height, 4.5″ outside diameter and 40 lb. post weight.Our first-rate products will protect your high security facilities against unwanted traffic and damage. A security system you can depend on, bollards are also maintenance-free. Whether for corporate or governmental use, these products work well in any environment. If you have any questions about our round post top-lock barriers or other safety and traffic regulation products, contact us at 877-727-7347 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We price our products affordably, so you won’t overpay to protect your parking spot. *TrafficGuard, Inc complies with the Buy American Act (41 U.S.C 8302-8305)


  • All TrafficGuard, Inc products feature heavy duty steel construction
  • Welded in place padlock cover protects the lock from tampering, creating a high security bollard.
  • 36″ tall 6″ OD
  • Post weight 70 lbs.
  • .280 wall thickness
  • Flush mount when post removed
  • Hot dipped galvanized ground sleeve and filler piece included
  • Storage racks available for each size in hot dipped galvanized finish
  • All surfaces are primed with rust & corrosion resistant, zinc rich primer w/5,000 hour salt spray performance
  • Standard finish, TGIC polyester outdoor finish RAL1028 yellow



Locking System