Removable bollards can protect storefronts, patrons…..and your store’s ATM.

Storefront vehicular incursions have become more and more common over the recent decade. Many of these incursions are inadvertent. In many instances an elderly driver becomes confused mistaking brake pedal for gas pedal before plunging into a store front and very often the vehicle doesn’t come to a stop until it has reached the back of the store.   These inadvertent acts are a substantial risk not only to innocent pedestrians that may be in the store at the time of the crash, but to the store owner both in property damage costs and potential liability exposure if someone is to be injured or worse.   Other vehicle incursions involve a host of causes; a medical incident behind the wheel, drunk driving, distracted driving and in some instances, intentional vehicle incursions.

Thieves used a tow rope and an SUV to rip an ATM from this market in Enfield Sunday, one of several such thefts in the region recently. Enfield Police Department

Intentional vehicle incursions happen for a variety of reasons, in the instance in the article above, thieves broke through an unprotected store front to remove a cash stocked ATM machine.   This is not an isolated incident and these kinds of storefront vehicle crashes are becoming more common. The good news about such an incursion is that there is a relatively inexpensive way to protect the patrons of a store, the business structure itself and ensuring that this type of thievery doesn’t occur. The most common solution are a series of fixed or removable bollards protecting the storefront and the people inside.

TrafficGuard® provides a wide range of bollard solutions including bollards crash tested to ASTM F3016. TrafficGuard® Core-In Protection Systems are a series of crash tested bollards that provide a quick, ‘core-in’ installation process taking into account the strength of a pre-existing slab. Making these bollards ideal for a retro-fit application such as the storefront mentioned in the article above. Currently, the Core-In system is available in both 10 and 20 mph, fixed and removable bollard options.   The system can be installed rapidly, can be used with or without a bollard cover and can be supplied in stainless steel, galvanized or powder coated finishes.   Removable bollards allow occasional vehicular access to protected areas for maintenance and other site specific reasons.


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