ASTM F3016 Tested Bollards Provide Relief for Restaurants Dealing with Pandemic Restrictions

“The bollards have been a silver lining to everything that is going on with the economic situation we are all encountering.  The bollard arrays have allowed us to offer the businesses in the adjacent area the opportunity to expand their seating into the street.  This has allowed them the capacity and open air that they have desperately needed to remain operational.  While this was not the intended purpose of the bollards it sure has been great having the ability to be able to offer this to our local businesses when so many communities around the country are suffering due to the ongoing pandemic.  Thank you and your team for all you have done to make this project a success.”  Michael, City of Bloomington, IN.

The above testimonial from a TrafficGuard® customer originally looking to find a functional way to keep pedestrians safe during outdoor events, found a silver lining with their ASTM F3016 tested removable bollards in providing flexibility to local restaurants to safely move pedestrians into outdoor seating areas while they dealt with restrictions and limitations to their businesses stemming from COVID-19.

As communities across the country adapt to the challenges posed by the pandemic, removable bollards provide a flexible solution to provide security to keep pedestrians safe as they safely dine and social distance outdoors. Historically removable security products have been ideal to protect outdoor events such as street festivals and other outdoor events. Now security posts are providing another benefit in allowing local businesses to continue to operate and generate revenue as they navigate the new normal.

The pandemic has also brought to light the risk inherent in outdoor dining in general, particularly in traffic congested towns and cities across the US. Most vehicle incursions of this kind are accidental, but are potentially every bit as deadly. Great care and planning should be taken when considering offering outdoor dining. ASTM F3016 crash tested removable bollards can offer business owners and their guests protection and peace of mind.


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