ASTM Tested Bollards and Barriers

As low-speed vehicular collisions become more and more commonplace, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is setting a new test standard for identifying and labeling specially-tested, high quality, protective bollards and barriers.

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  “They fail repeatedly across the United States, regularly,” said Mike Schram of TrafficGuard, a company that manufactures barriers. But now, new technology could stop cars in their tracks before such accidents occur. TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen visited the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, where various crash tests are conducted. Read the full story.

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Crash Testing of Vehicle Barriers at Low Speed

  • A new ASTM standard for the crash testing of vehicle barricade bollards at low speed is complete.
  • City and County Governments are starting to adopt legislation to reduce increasing numbers of low speed vehicle crashes into buildings and store fronts.
  • Protective devices such as barricade bollards can be installed to protect pedestrians, store patrons, store employees, and various types of expensive or hazardous equipment.
  • Incidents like this one at a Publix grocery store in Palm Coast, FL have driven the need for an ASTM standard pertaining to vehicle impact protection devices.
  • See more on this ASTM bollard standard on the ASTM website.

Implications for Government Agencies & Businesses at Risk.

  • Once the standard is approved, it will become increasingly important for Agencies and Businesses with vehicle incursion risk to deploy tested vehicle barriers to ensure safety and avoid litigation.
  • Architects and Engineers will begin to specify tested steel pipe posts, bollards and barriers.
  • Codes will begin to require facilities be protected with perimeter barriers.
  • Attorney’s will begin litigation in situations where tested security bollards are not used.

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